Bali still shines the brightest in tourism among Indonesia’s more than 17,000 islands. There are countless other tropical destinations, but for millions of tourists each year, this exciting island is the winner.

So, why do you have to take a trip to Bali? And are there any preparations that you have to plan while in Bali? Don’t worry. Keep reading this blog because here we will explain in detail why you should take a trip to Bali and what plans you should prepare while in Bali.

Reasons why you should take a trip to Bali

A trip to Bali is definitely worth your time. There are many different natural tropical places, traditions, and friendly people in Bali, making it a very nice place. You won’t get lost if you visit Bali because the people here are very nice.

bali surf beach Source: Pexels

1. The beach is so beautiful

It has been previously explained that Bali is a very beautiful place and suitable for travelers for trips to Bali. Especially the beaches in Bali that have much different uniqueness, especially we will tell you the most beautiful beaches to visit. Beaches to visit like Seminyak Beach, Canggu Beach, and Nusa Dua beaches are worth to go. Especially at night on Seminyak beach, there are local people singing in various genres which will really lighten your evenings while on a trip to Bali.

Besides the beaches are so beautiful. When you go on a trip to Bali, don’t forget to try surfing. There are so many spots for you to do surfing in Bali. Black Stone Beach in Nusa Dua Bali is very suitable for beginners to surf. It has ‘soft’ waves, making it suitable for surfing beginners in Bali. Some people come with the intention to learn. The tide here will be ideal for beginner levels.

2. Can learn many Balinese traditions

Not only the beaches are very beautiful, but so are the traditions. While you are on a trip to Bali, don’t forget to attend every tradition in Bali. Like the Kecak dance, The dance is one of the regular traditional Balinese dances, whose nature is a dance drama. Ramayana Epic is the basis for most dance dramas. Among all the Balinese dances, the Kecak has its own characteristics, as compared to other Balinese dances.

Apart from the Kecak Dance, Bali also has a very beautiful traditional instrument, the Balinese Gamelan. Well, this gamelan is a traditional musical instrument Gamelan is an orchestra, so you can expect to hear a lot of different sounds at once, but the sound is worth it. You’ll hear a mix of soft and loud sounds, but you’ll also hear instruments that you don’t hear anywhere else.

There are several Hindu festivals to enjoy in Bali. Typically, these festivals won’t interfere with your schedule, except for Nyepi. However, it’s always beneficial to be aware of them in order to gain a better understanding of Balinese culture. We believe that Bali’s wonderful allure is due to its deep connection to Hinduism.

3. Endless adventure

As long as you take a trip to Bali, you will always be excited to live the days to come because Bali has many beautiful things to visit, especially if you like water sports. Bali has many water sports, for example, Water Skiing. You will really like the water skiing experience, especially if you play it at sunset.

Not only water sports but Bali Temples are also worth visiting! An example is Ulun Danu Temple. The Temple is a destination for trips to Bali which is visited by many foreign and local tourists to take pictures with the Ulun Danu Temple as a backdrop. You will be very satisfied with the photos you get while at it. The temple itself is located in the middle of lake Beratan and the cool air of the Bedugul mountains will add to its charm.

4. The food is unique

Bali has food with local recipes that are more full of spices on its recipe than in other places. Jinggo rice is a night carving that is worth trying. The rice itself is made savoury and a little spicy with a small portion of rice and chicken. And various kinds of other special foods that you have to try and you have nothing to lose to doing culinary during a trip to Bali.

As for other traditional dishes such as Komoh. This food is usually there during traditional ceremonies. If you want to eat something with more flavour, you can try such as Balinese mixed rice, Lilit Satay, and Betutu chicken. Those are all recommended traditional foods in Bali, you won’t regret them when you eat them.

Tips before going to Bali

After we explained the reasons why you should take a trip to Bali. You must be wondering, are there any tips before making a trip to Bali? The most important thing in our opinion is that the Visas must be made first.

But don’t worry,  we will share other tips for you before taking a trip to Bali.

tips before trip to bali Source: Pexels

1. Use Local Applications and Prepare an Internet Connection

The first thing before you make a trip to Bali is to install the application and also an Internet connection. What are the applications that we have to install?

a. Install WhatsApp and transportation applications

The first is WhatsApp. Why? Because with this application you can make bookings where several destinations apply a booking system via WhatsApp, notify your relatives who may be in Bali, and also install online transportation applications such as Gojek. This application will be very useful not only for online taxis but also for online food delivery. You can download Gojek through the Apps store and Google play store.

b. Buying an internet SIM card

As for the internet connection, don’t worry, because you can get an internet connection Sim-Card at the airport. What about the price, is it cheap? Of course. The price is around $7 with the added bonus that is on the internet card.

2. Safety and Cultural Norms

Now, for the second one, namely the Safety Norms and also the Culture in Bali. Before making a trip to Bali, of course, you also have to pay attention to this. Here, you will explain it in more detail and listen carefully.

a. Be careful with your belongings

Why is that? Although most of the people in Bali are very nice. But you have to be careful with your belongings, why? Because there are still muggers who want to take your things, especially you’re foreign tourists. So, be careful while you are on a trip to Bali.

b. Always lock the place you live in

The next thing is always to lock your place. Why is that? Because as explained in the article above, there are still some bad people who want to take your things. It’s better safe than lost something.

c. Culture does not give tips

Before a trip to Bali, also pay attention to this culture. Different from the culture in your country. In Bali, giving tips is not common, especially in restaurants. However, it all depends on each of you, maybe you can give them tips for doing the best service.

d. No plastic bag

You must pay attention to this when traveling to Bali. Because there has been an announcement that since 2018, the Balinese government has banned all parties from using plastic bags to store groceries. So for this reason, we highly recommend you use a shopping bag when visiting several shopping centers. Don’t forget about it.

3. Health

Bali is a tropical climate, if you are from the northern hemisphere you may need to adapt. The following are detailed things with explanations while you are on a trip to Bali.

a. Purchase insect repellent kits

This is very important for you to buy during your trip to Bali. This will be very useful to give you comfort while at home, especially for mosquitoes. Buy a mosquito sprayer so you don’t get sick from mosquitoes.

b. Buy first aid

When making a trip to Bali, don’t forget to visit a pharmacy store and also buy herbal medicines. Why is that? Because these are the medicines you will use as first aid when you feel pain. Especially for herbal medicines, don’t worry, because in Bali there are so many herbal medicines that will help you. If it doesn’t go away, you can visit the nearest hospital in Bali.

c. Always wear sunscreen

This sunscreen is very useful when you trip to Bali. Especially if you are at the beach and doing activities that require you to be on the beach and sea. How do you get sunscreen? Don’t worry, you can get this sunscreen at all pharmacies and convenience stores.

4. Try to learn the Indonesian Language

Of course, this is very useful for you during your trip to Bali. This is where the Indonesian language is very different from English. Try simple words like Terima Kasih and Tolong, those words translate to Thank You and help (and please, depending on the context). With the help of technology, there are several applications that can come to your aid, such as Google Translate.

Where to stay in Bali

We have explained in detail the reasons and tips for your trip to Bali. And next, you must be wondering where should stay while in Bali. We highly recommend you stay at SADARA Resort.

Why should you stay at Sadara Resort? There, you can get the best services with special room packages that you have never gotten before. And also at Sadara Resort, there are various kinds of packages that you can get, especially with the facilities available at Sadara Resort. There are also traditional shops and there is also a pool bar that you can use especially when you are with your partner on a trip to Bali.



It’s Time for You to Trip to Bali

Well, now you already know why should go trip to Bali. Keep reading this blog if there’s something you forgot about what you’ve read. One more thing, don’t forget to find accommodation while in Bali. SADARA Resort is one of the best Nusa Dua hotels to choose from. It has a beautiful garden and special offers that will suit you. Enjoy your trip to Bali.

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