Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, on February 14th. Do you already have plans on how to spend Valentine’s Day with your partner? Come to Bali with your partner to do romantic activities because, in Bali, there are many beautiful and guaranteed destinations. You and your partner will be very happy with the beauty that is in Bali. Do you already know the destinations you want to go to while in Bali with your partner? Read until the end of this article to find out about Valentine in Bali.

Couple having fun on a Jet Ski in Bali for Valentine's Day Source: Pexels

Get Wet Playing Water Sports

Do you and your lover enjoy the beauty of the sea? Then you’d definitely be missing out if you didn’t try water sports. These water sports  in Bali will present you with the beauty of the sea and the waves that are so beautiful.

One exciting water sport you can try is playing Jet Skies. Jet Skies are perfect because one jet ski can be ridden by two people. So, when you are riding a jet ski there are many things you can do such as taking pictures while enjoying the beauty of the waves and beaches which can color the beauty of Valentine in Bali with your partner.

Gorgeous view of a waterfall Source: Unsplash

Get Some Romantic Trip to the Waterfall

Another thing we also recommend for you during the atmosphere of Valentine in Bali is to take a romantic trip to a waterfall in Bali. There are lots of waterfalls that present natural beauty in Bali, one of which is the Jembong waterfall.

“Why go to this particular waterfall?” you might ask. Well, because in this place, you will get an experience you will never forget. This waterfall has a visual with a gentle slope, and this makes it an ideal place for tourists to visit.

Based on the experience of local people, Jembong waterfall is one of the best waterfalls in Bali. So, this waterfall can be used as a reference for you and your partner to go on a romantic trip if you want to go to the waterfall.

Source: Sadara Bali

Book a Romantic Resort

Start by booking a room before you do activities during Valentine’s Day in Bali. And Sadara Resort is the answer to your question because at Sadara Resort there is a room called Sadara Suite Ocean View.

With qualified facilities such as a private jacuzzi, gorgeous interior, and direct access to the beach, this room is perfect for lovebirds looking for a quick getaway. This room can definitely be used as a reference for those of you who are confused about which room to book with your partner at Sadara Resort on Valentine’s Day in Bali.

Lovely couple having a romantic picnic by the beach for Valentine's Day in Bali at Sadara Resort Source: Sadara Resort

Find a Romantic Picnic

Picnics are activities that are liked by many people and maybe your partner likes picnic activities. Try to enjoy picnic activities with your partner by visiting Sadara Resort. Why is that? Because here, you and your partner can get a very beautiful romantic experience, namely a Picnic by the beach.

We suggest you do this picnic in the afternoon. Towards the end of the day you will be presented with the beauty of the sunset and beautiful beach views which will add to your romantic atmosphere with your partner during Valentine in Bali. This particular picnic site has a very affordable price, which is only IDR 250,000/person. With that price, you can get all the facilities for the perfect picnic by the beach.

Romantic candlelight dinner at Sadara Resort Source: Sadara Resort

Have a Romantic Dinner With Your Lover

The next romantic activity is eating together in a romantic atmosphere. Are you confused about where you should take your partner to eat together in a romantic atmosphere during Valentine in Bali? Sadara Resort can be the answer for those of you who are confused about where to take your partner. At Sadara Resort there are several kinds of dinner activities with a romantic atmosphere.

Namely Candlelight Dinner by the Sea and Dream Dinner by the Beach. Offer from Sadara Resort regarding this Candlelight Dinner by the Sea, you will be presented with a love-shaped candle with two chairs and one table that will be placed on the beach with a sea atmosphere which will add to the romantic atmosphere with your partner.

Likewise with Dream Dinner by the Beach. With an atmosphere of lights, chairs designed with sand that looks like one with the beach, and professional service from Sadara Resort will add to the romantic experience that you and your partner experience during Valentine in Bali.

Final Words

Bali has many heavenly destinations to visit during your trip. Some places are designated for relaxation, adventure, and others have the perfect romantic ambiance for happy couples. Thus, Bali is perfect for those of you who want a Valentine’s Day you’ll never forget. While you’re here do stop by and read our other Bali Travel Blog articles to find out what we can offer you while in Bali.

There is a resort where you can do many activities and have a strategic place, of course at Sadara Resort. At this resort, you can do many activities with your partner, especially on Valentine’s Day. Sadara resort has many romantic packages that you can book for you and your lover.

Interested in visiting Sadara Resort? Contact us for detailed info, Enjoy your moment with your valentine in Bali.

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