As we already know that apart from the many beautiful places to visit, Bali is also a big place and requires you to have transportation to get around Bali. but you don’t need to worry because here, you will be explained how you can travel comfortably while in Bali if you are a first-time traveller in Bali.

Rent a Motorbike

rent motorbike in bali Source: Unsplash

Renting a motorbike is one of the businesses that are very popular and you, as a first-time traveller in Bali, have to try this transportation. Using a motorbike can be an option as a form of transportation for you getting around in Bali because, with a motorbike, you can explore or reach your destination in Bali quickly, and also the cost of renting motorbike transportation is very cheap. How about the gas price? The price for filling up gasoline for motorbikes is very cheap, with a price range of around IDR 12,000.

However, there are things you need to pay attention to when you ride a motorbike, namely:

1. always wear a helmet

The first thing to note is that you still have to wear a helmet. Because this will also be useful to reduce the risk of an accident when riding a motorbike. And also when you get caught by the police if you don’t wear a helmet. you will be arrested or fined and the fee will drain your wallet, which is around IDR 300,000. So, keep wearing a helmet for your safety while getting around Bali.

2. Do not ride a motorbike while drunk

Driving while in a drunken state is the most prohibited thing by everyone. Maybe when you are in your country, it is very common, however, when you are in Bali, don’t drive when you are drunk. So how do you avoid that? When you really want to go drunk, you can just rent a taxi or use other transportation. So, don’t bring a vehicle that you have rented.

3. Get an international driving license

Apart from not forgetting to wear a helmet and driving drunk. An international driving license is very important for you to get because, without an international driving license, you will get a ticket from the police because you don’t have an international driving license. Don’t worry, getting an international driving license is very easy and the local police are also very fast in taking care of international driving licenses for travellers who are in Bali. So, don’t forget to take care of an international driving license before getting around Bali.

Get Some Online Transport Apps

online ride hailing service in bali Source: Unsplash

It’s the same as in your country. In Indonesia, there are also online transportation applications, namely Gojek and Grab. These two online transportation applications are the most widely used in Indonesia. Use Wifi or the local internet that you have purchased and then, install the two applications. What about the prices of these two applications? Is it cheap? Regarding the two prices for this online transportation application, it is very affordable with your wallet, which is around IDR 15,000 per trip.

Get a Rental Car

rent car in bali Source: Unsplash

You can get this car if you have cash. Do so by giving them the option to travel on their own. If you don’t trust people who rent cars, you can visit a small company that provides car rentals. If you rent from a small company, you will get the advantage of unlimited mileage even to the ins and outs of Bali. However, maybe the obstacle is only the cost of fuel which you have to manage yourself. The price for car rental is around $20 per day or IDR 300,000 per day

However, you have to pay attention to this fact in Indonesia. The car’s steering wheel is on the right. So, when you have trouble with facts in Indonesia, you don’t need to worry because you can also hire a driver to get around Bali.


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