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Sunrise Yoga at Sadara resort

Movement | Meditate | Music

Sunrise Yoga is a holistic program by the beach from SADARA Resort, designed for you to detoxification and purification from modern life. It is a combined of the yoga movement, chanting musical, meditation and detoxification cuisines to become healthier.

• Morning Yoga ( 1 hour)
• Detoxification Breakfast, consist of vegetables, fruits and single starch, the breakfast offer sumptuous yet healthy choice.
• Detoxification Lunch, an energizing menu consist of set of salad, main course, and refreshment.
• Afternoon Tea, traditional Balinese sweets and delicacies.
• Afternoon Yoga ( 1 hour)
• Detoxification Dinner, a food to a night of deep sleep, consist set of salad, vegetarian soup, main course, and dessert.

Package Price:
• Morning Session, including morning yoga and detox breakfast Rp. 300,000,++/pax
• Half Day Package, including morning session package + detox Lunch Rp. 465,000,++/pax
• Full Day Package, including Half Day + afternoon yoga Rp. 660,000,++/pax
• Comprehensive Detox Package, including full day package + detox dinner Rp. 700,000,++/pax

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