Welcome to the new year in Bali! As the sun sets on the old year and rises on the new, Bali is the perfect place to celebrate. With its stunning beaches, extraordinary mountains, and bustling nightlife, Bali is a destination unlike any other. From fireworks displays and new year dinners or just relaxing on the beach, there are endless ways to ring in the new year in this Indonesian paradise. So gather your friends and loved ones, and get ready to celebrate the new year in Bali. Here is the top experience to celebrate the new year in Bali!

Having Fun at the beach

man standing in bali nusa dua Source: Pexels

One of the things you have to do during the new year in Bali is to visit several beaches. Why is that? Because the beach is one of the destinations in Bali that is most in demand by travelers today, both foreign and local. What things we can do at the beach? Well, you can go surfing, relax with beautiful beach views, and do all watersport on the beach.

Talking about the beach, there are still many things you can do while you’re still on the beach. Here are things you can do while at the beach:

1. Learn to Surf

This can fill your time while waiting for the new year in Bali, especially since Bali has very beautiful waves and you also cannot possibly miss the opportunity to try the waves in Bali by learning to surf first. Well, we have recommendations for those of you who want to surf as beginners. You can study first on the beaches in Canggu and also Nusa Dua. Don’t worry, the waves are still as beautiful as the waves intended for pros.

Go Surfing in Bali Source: Unsplash

2. Relaxing at Beach Club

If you’re looking for the ultimate beach club experience in Bali, look no further!

SANTAI Beach House at SADARA Resort offers a luxurious and relaxing retreat for travellers looking to soak up the sun and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. their stunning beachfront location, plush lounge chairs, and attentive staff will make you feel like royalty. But it’s not all about relaxation. SADARA Resort also offers a variety of activities to keep you entertained.

And when it comes to dining, we’ve got you covered with a selection of delicious, freshly-prepared meals and signature cocktails served right to your lounge chair.

santai beach house Source: Santai Beach House

Having Dinner by the Beach

Are you having an amazing time enjoying the beach with your loved ones? Before you know it, the sun will start to set and it’ll be time to start thinking about where to grab dinner. If you’re celebrating the new year in Bali, we’ve got the perfect recommendation for you! Instead of stressing about finding the perfect spot, why not sit back, relax, and let us take care of the planning for you? With our top pick for a new year’s dinner in Bali, you’ll be able to kick back and enjoy the evening without a care in the world. So go ahead and keep the fun going – we’ve got you covered when it comes to finding the perfect place to dine on this special night.

Namely Sadara Resort, why do we have to have dinner here? This place has dinner packages called New Years Dinner by the beach, you can enjoy the beauty of the night with views of the beach and some lights that complement the beauty of your night with your family, friends, or partner during the new year in Bali. 

How about the price? Don’t worry, the price is IDR 1099k/pax. You can already enjoy the beauty of the night and also get many facilities from the NYE Dream Dinner at Sadara Resort.

new year dinner bali NYE Dinner By The Beach in SADARA Resort

Enjoy the beauty of nature

Do you like nature? this is one of the recommendations we made for you. Bali also has natural beauty, which is no less beautiful than the natural beauty that exists elsewhere. What are the natural beauties that Bali has? Well, we have some recommendations for you if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature during New Year in Bali.

rice paddies in bali Source: Unsplash


1. Visit Mount Batur to enjoy the sunrise

Are you someone who loves immersing yourself in natural beauty? If so, a visit to Mount Batur should definitely be on your to-do list. This majestic mountain boasts breathtaking views that are well worth the early wake-up call. Trust us, the effort you put in to make it to the top for sunrise will be rewarded with an unforgettable experience. The vistas from the peak are truly stunning, and watching the sun rise over the horizon is a once-in-a-lifetime moment you won’t want to miss. So if you’re looking to reconnect with nature and start your day off on a high note, be sure to add a trip to Mount Batur to your itinerary.

mount batur bali Source: Pexels

2. Visit the waterfall

Don’t forget to enjoy the natural beauty of waterfalls in Bali. You also can’t miss this when you enjoy the new year in Bali. You can visit with your family, friends or partner. Where can we get the beauty of the waterfalls? Well, you can visit Git Git waterfall, Tibumana waterfall, and also various other waterfalls. So, visiting waterfalls is highly recommended for you if you want to enjoy the beauty of nature.

waterfall in bali Source: Unsplash

Enjoy the Party Vibes in Bali

New Year’s activities cannot be separated from what is called a party, where everyone has fun while waiting for the new year in Bali. Where is the best place to visit for us to party while waiting for the new year? Try to visit Ubud to enjoy New Year’s Eve with jazz music or go to Kuta which has trendy music. You can visit any of the party venues that offer the music you love. And, you won’t regret having a party for New Year in Bali.

new year in bali party Source: Pexels

Final Words

Bali is a place that you have to visit because this place has a natural beauty that has been recognized by all travellers, both foreign and local tourists, especially for those of you who want a celebrate New Year’s Eve in Bali. Don’t forget to also read our other articles such as the Bali packing list, visas Bali, and guide to Bali.

So, do you already know where to stay when you want to celebrate the new year in Bali? Don’t worry because we have a solution for you, namely SADARA Resort. This Nusa dua hotel is very complete, you will be presented with various facilities and special offers that are very perfect for you. So, Have fun celebrating the new year in Bali!

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