“Amazing nusa dua resort!! Everything you need”

30 Jun

“Amazing nusa dua resort!! Everything you need”

This was the final leg in our 4 stage trip around Bali, we spent 5 nights here.
We had the intention of using this 6 days in Nusa Dua resort to explore this part of the island, however we ended up nothing leaving the resort once over this period except to do water sports on the ocean, which is right on the beach in front of the resort anyway.

This resort offers everything you need for a relaxing vacation in paradise. If you arent interested in exploring the culture or the rest of Bali for experiences, you can just stay here forever. We had already spent 2.5 weeks exploring most of Bali by this point so were keen to relax.

Staff are insanely friendly and helpful, the remember your names and even your most frequent orders at the restaurant or bar.
The pool is huge, and nicely shaped with the loungers and beds around it. The pool bar is fantastic, you can order food and drinks here. They offer some good packages for unlimited food and drinks here to.
The restaurant is very nice, it makes some good food and reasonably quick aswell.
Always presented in a very nice manner. They will bring your food and drinks to you where ever you are on the complex, even the public beach.
The beach is picturesque with white loungers, golden sand and umbrellas.
Water sports are right there on your door step for whenever you want to hire a jetski or do a parasail, just remember to get your bartering game on because they’ll try charge you quadruple the price you should be paying because its a resort area. Always barter with these guys.

The rooms are beautiful, big open spaces and massive beds. bathroom offers a large glass shower and a bath tub. mini bar in the room and all amenities you would expect to find. The staff are very prompt at cleaning and remaking your room, as soon as you leave they’re ready to do so. Always folding your clothes and tidyng up everything.
Local SPA clinic on the grounds, a seperate business to the hotel but within it, prices are not cheap. What we would pay back home in NZ for a massage, but it was a beautiful experience.

Everything at the resort is normal pricing as we would pay back home, so the “cheap” bali experience wont happen here, but its worth it.

Only thing i could fault was the bed was too hard for me, thats a personal preference however.

Jordan H
May 2017
June 30, 2017